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The Collation Forces In Iraq To Fight Terrorist And Extremist
Jaff Sassani
post 12/25/07 01:46 PM
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Conflict/Cultural/Country Interest: Plight of Sassanian people in Kurdistan region of Iraq and Iran

The mission led by the USA is a very honorable mission. The goal was clearly to eliminate the government of Saddam Hussein first and foremost. The second goal was to then bring a democratic system of government to Iraq and the Iraqi people. The government of Saddam was a very dangerous one. There constantly existed the potential for him to pass chemical weapon technology to various terrorist organizations.

The first goal was obviously fulfilled, however, the second part of the US Governmentís agenda is not doing as well. They began by supporting Mr. Chalabi (from The Iraqi National Congress, headed by Ahmed Chalabi) without understanding his background.

The US Government went on to support part of the Baíth party, led by Mr. Allawi (Ayad Allawi, a former senior member of Saddam's Baath Party). That alliance failed as well.

The US Government went on to support Shitte Islamic parties and Kurdish parties to attempt to stabilize the country. With their close ties to Iran they will, of course attempt to undermine the US Government policy in the region. The Islamic Shitte parties are supporters of Iranian policies in the region.

The choice of Mr. Talabani as a representative for the Kurds was not very good choice. Again, they failed to understand Mr. Talabaniís past. He is a man with many faces and a very close relationship with Iran and Abdul Aziz al-Hakimís Shitte political party. His position changes with each blow of the wind.

We all remember that Mr. Talabani promised if he got the post as President of Iraq, he would bring Shittes and Sunnis together. The US Government was not aware that Mr. Talabani is not credible with the Kurds and other Iraqis. He has had many strategical alliances in the past including those with Egypt, Iran, Syria, Turkey, USA, UK and Barzani.

The current Shitte government would like to eliminate the Sunni forces. We believe that the US Government and the region as a whole would be better served if they supported all three branches of the Iraqi armies (Kurdish army, Shitte army and Sunni army). By recognizing all three sects we can start the process of re-building Iraq.

In addition, the US Government should continue to support real elections, free of intimidations by the political parties in Iraq. This process should continue with emphasis in the Kurdistan region of Iraq by holding regional elections. In the area where the Kurds are a majority they should work with the Kurdistan Federation region (KRG) of Iraq to gain instant credibility. The minorities like Turkmen, Assyrian, Yazidi, Jaff with the Sassanian origin, Hawrami and others should have be encouraged to participate and form their own local government with in KRG region.

The budget money should be divided based on the population in Iraq after agreement as to how much money should go to the Central Government, federal Government. The rest of the money should go to the local Government.

The Iraqi people know that the Iraqi politicians are almost all corrupt. They have become rich very fast after the US liberation. Just look at their portfolio and you will see how dishonest they are. They have been exposed as thieves and burglars instead of men who have been elected to serve the Iraqi people.

Real elections will solve the Iraqi problems. The US Government should establish a special court in Iraq to persecute those politicians who took the money. They should punish them using Iraqi laws. That process will make the Iraqi people very happy when they see that the US Government and the Coalition forces are implementing justice.
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