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The Root Of Terrorism, Extremism, And Hatred Started From The Mecca In Saudi Arabia
Jaff Sassani
post 11/25/07 05:10 AM
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The Root of Terrorism, Extremism, and Hatred started from the Mecca in Saudi Arabia

The hatred are producing hatred, the violent are producing violent so why humanity are suffering today and what is the solution.

For every problem must be some kind of solution, for every health problem must be some kind of medicine, to solve any problem you need to understand the problem and try to come up with the solution by individual or accumulated effort by group of people. Just like the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and AIDS was facing the humanity and the effort by international community to solve the problem.

Today’s Terrorism lead by Osama bin Laden from Saudi Arabia and Ayman al-Zawahiri from Egypt with the help of many wealthy Arabs and none Arab Muslim plus few Countries in the region secretly.

Before Islam comes to existence the Middle East land was populated by many different nationalities but around the Mecca there was only two nationalities mainly Arab and Hebrew Jewish people in the region. Before the human settled in the villages and cities they were nomad moving around with their domesticated animals so the Arab and the Hebrew Jewish both alike they levied side by side in the region as nomad and later as farmer to survive as we speak they are original land lord in that part of the world.

Both Arab and Hebrew Jewish people suffered under occupation forces of the other nationalities around them from Europe to Asia. So the hatred was there way before the existence of Islam.

When Prophet Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Qweareyyshi the founder of the Islamic religion from Arab origin started the teaching of the new religion in Mecca his first enemy was his own relative from Arab tribes in Mecca until they forced him and his follower to move to the Medina another town in Saudi Arabia, then they were clashed with none Arab the Hebrew Jewish people, the campaign against the Hebrew Jewish people was lead by Ali Bin Abe Talib Al-Qweareyyshi the cozen and the son in law of the Prophet Mohammed who later become the founder of the Shiite Islam.

The campaign become very violent and productive for Islamic Army because the victims was none Arab that made the army to be unite and test the victory over none Arab even the Hebrew Jewish people was not their enemy, when they killed the Hebrew Jewish males they took the females married them by force and took their lands and their belonging. From that day until now become the traditions of the Arab warriors, which was repeated over and over by Arab extremist and later by Ottoman Turkish empire against none Muslim people in Europe.

The people suffered the most from the Arab nationalistic extremist movement since the beginning of the Islam was the Hebrew Jewish people, The Aryan (Ērānšahr or later become known as Iranian) people that are called today as (Persian, Kurd, Azeri, Afghani, Tajik, Pashto, Pakistani and other Aryan nations) under the second Islamic Khalifa Omar Bin Khtab known as the most violent ruler against the Aryan people who later become known as the founder of the Sunni Islam.

The Campaign continues on which affected the Europe and part of the Asia later on. Today it is affecting the whole world one way or another so by calling yourself neutral won’t solve this problem facing the humanity.

If Iran or any other country with same mentality has Atomic Bomb or any other powerful destructive weapon they are going to use it and that will be the end of the world we know now.

To solve this problem facing the humanity, the supper powers and the individual alike they need to pay attention to this problem by confronting the Arab extremist and their agent like the ruler of Iran today to stop the terrorist activity once and for all and let them to know about your feeling and understanding by raising your voice as individual will make the different with Arab people in hope they will join the rest of the civilization, because of the Arab oil to many leaders around the world closing their eyes about this problem.

The Arab and their agent in the Islamic world after they know how the people around the world does not like what they are doing against the humanity on earth then there will be hope to change their behavior and look back at their own violent history to see unjust of their hatred toward the humanity on earth.

The education only will let other people to understand by inflection the pain and suffering upon other people are not the solution of your problem, indeed if the Arab and the Islamic world take a moment to look at the Japanese hard working people and get a lesson to work hard and be truthful to serve their own people by building their own countries will be much better solution than blowing up yourself and killing many other peoples.
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