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How Can We Build Modern Kurdistan?
Jaff Sassani
post 11/26/07 09:15 AM
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Conflict/Cultural/Country Interest: Plight of Sassanian people in Kurdistan region of Iraq and Iran

How can we build modern Kurdistan?

Kurdistan is the home of Kurd, and none Kurd the blood are mixed from so many different groups because our homelands unfortunately are located in very strategical location on the Middle East and the Earth.

We the people suffered through millennium, we Kurd the resident of the land been subjugated by other nationalities in the past and now. To survive for over thousand of years are amazing by it self.

Our people seen and recorded in our genetic many empires come and go after the collapse of our own empire, the Medes Empire. Since Dayukku the leader of the Medes Empire no one really has been capable to unite our people.

The Sassanian Empire started in the region of our Aryan brother and sister of Persia soon after the great sprit Shah of all Aryan Shah’s the beloved son of the Arian people in the Middle East, the Ardashir Babakan who united all our people to one country under the sun among other nation on the earth like Japan, China, Roman-Europe and others.

The Sassanian become Kurdish speaker because of the Empires location among the Aryan people of Kurdistan, this is the fact so who ever want to claim Sassanian Empire to their local area or their branch of Aryan nation are wrong. The Sassanian Empire was the protector of the Zoroastrians Religion and really was for all Aryan people without any discrimination. The Empire served the Aryan people from India to Europe and from east to Turk speaker nomads.

Today will be impossible to unit such large area under one country because of the Arab influence in our homeland and the destruction of our civilization. We the people of the Sassanian origin even we are hopeless and abused by other Aryan people but we believe in the economic union are the best way to continue with the struggle to get united and liberate our people from Arab domination and superiority, by study the Islamic religion and understand the message of the God based on the modern knowledge so our people won’t be slave of rituals and practice, because we human are changeable.

The Islamic Religion split between Sunni and Shiite Islam because of the power struggle and differences between the second Islamic Khalifa Omar Bin Khtab known as the most violent ruler against the Aryan people who later become known as the founder of the Sunni Islam and the fourth Islamic Khalifa Ali Bin Abe Talib Al-Qweareyyshi the cozen and the son in law of the Prophet Mohammed who later become the founder of the Shiite Islam.

Today we Aryan people divided between the two sect of Islam above most of our people worship the Arab personality instead of God, so the mission for our educated people are to understand Islam and worship the creator of universe instead of dead Arab leaders.

To build modern Kurdistan we need to get united with all Aryan people instead of separations, we fully understand the other branches of Aryan nation like (Persian, Afghani, Pakistani and other) who has the power today they are not in the position to accept the Kurd and other branches of the powerless Aryan people as partner, they just want them to be assimilated to their branch of language and thinking.

The Kurd needs to think differently than other branches of the Aryan nation like (Persian, Afghani, Pakistani and other) who has the power today. The Kurd need to get united with the powerless branches of the Aryan people today, like (Galini from Rasht and Mazandaran, Pashtoon people in Pakistan, , Balochie people of Pakistan and Iran and others)as partner and then the powerful Aryan will come around to get united as one economic Union with every branches has their own country like European people, by accepting each other will be the source of strength not weakness.
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