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Jaff Sassani, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s agent propaganda off loan without interest
Jaff Sassani
post 11/30/07 03:52 PM
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Conflict/Cultural/Country Interest: Plight of Sassanian people in Kurdistan region of Iraq and Iran

بگهڕێوه | بینێره | چاپ | 93 جار خوێندراوهتهوه

به بههانهی " سهید بوون " ، خهڵکی ئێران ناو نووس دهکرێن
2007 11 30 - 11:31

ڕۆژههڵات نیوز- تاران:

به پێی ئهو ئاگاداریانهی که له شاری تارانی پایهتهختی ئێران به دهست هاتوون، ماوهیهکه هێزهکانی ڕهژیم له ناو خهڵک دا پڕۆپاگهندهی ئهوهیان دهست پێ کردووه که کێ سهید بێت و له بنهماڵهی پێغهمبهران و ئیمامان بێت، ئهوا خامهنهیی پارهیهکی تایبهتی یان وامی بێ سوودی دهداتێ.

بهم شێوهیه تا ئێستا به ههزاران کهس سهردانی ئیدارهی سهپت و ئهحواڵ ( سجیل ) یان کردووه و تهنانهت زۆر کهس پێشگری " سهید " یان له سهر ناسنامهکهی خۆیان زیاد کردووه تا بهڵكوو بتوانن پارهی دیاری خامهنهیی یان وامی بهڵێنی دراو وهربگرن !!!

یهکێک له ئاگادارانی ڕووداوهکه گووتی:
ڕهژیم بهم شیوهیه ههوڵ دهدات خهڵک به ههر شیوهیهک به خۆیهوه گرێ بدات و شاروهندی پله یهک بکاته ئهو کهسانهی که بهسیجی، پاسدار، سهید و شتی لهم جۆرهن و خهڵکی دیکهش وهک پله دوو بمێننهوه و ئهوهش له دژی یهکسانی و مافهکانی مرۆڤه

In our article below published we published Nov-20-07

Under the title

What Islam Bring to the Aryan and Jewish People

Sayed families of the Arab origin rule most of the Aryan nations, look at the Iran today who is the ruler just count black turbines then you understand whom really running Iran. The people of Iran not only run by Sayed families of the Arab origin, they making them to worship Sayed families of the Arab origin.

Please see the translation of the news regarding Iran's spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s agent propaganda in Iran.

The Iranian people registering their names and claming that their origin to be Sayed (the people claming to be the descendent of the Prophet Mohammad from his cozen and the son in law Ali Bin Abe Talib and his daughter Fatima).

The Government agent spread the rumor in the city of Tehran-Iran if any one are from Sayed family they will get the loan without interest from special account set up by Iran's spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Many people want to change their identity so they can claim to be Sayed, this kind of propaganda by Iranian Government are designed to get more people identified with the ruler of Iran, because they are terrified by popular revelation to unseat them and get killed by Iranian people because of the people hatred toward Arab and Islam now a day in Iran.

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