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Interview With The Mayor Of Tel Keppe, in Assyrian
post 05/12/08 10:06 AM
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Hello guys, this link might be of interst to everyone who is cabable of syriac.

Its an Interview with Mr. Bello the mayor of Tel Keppe.

They are talking about the police force in the Nineveh Plains and that some hudred of Assyrians have alread signed up for it and are now beeing trained. Furthermore he talks also about the population of Assyrians in the Nineveh Plains, talking about major towns like "Bakhded" (Al hamadiyan), which has an population around 55 000 of whom 95% are Assyrians, around 50% of Tel Keppe are Assyrians, the others are mostly from saddam deporated Arabs. However all villages around Tel Keppe are Assyrian towns and 100% Assyrian populated.

He also talks about the Peshmerga, saying "we thank them for their job, but they should start withdrawling form the Nineveh Plains and go back to the Kurdistan Region". He mentiones also that the Articale 140 of the Iraq Constitution should stay as it is and beeing implimente not only for the area under Baghdad, but should also implement for the Assyrian villages and Towns currently under the KRG.

So guys, you should know he made his point very clear, if something is going to happen to this person, we all know who it was.

Because his words are clearly against an expandiation of the KRG sizing the Nineveh Plains.

I should at this place remember that Francis Shabo, who had the same opinion towards occupied Assyrian villages in the nohadra and aqra region, was just killed by a Kurd who went without beeing jugded on away.

here something about tel keppe

In 1743, the Persian King Nader Shah attacked Tel Keppe, Karamles, Bakhdida, Bartella and other Assyrian towns savagely. His destructive acts resulted in the death of many thousands and the destruction of their churches and crops. Those who were able to survive did so by fleeing to the mountains.

The 1833, Kurdish governor of Rowanduz, Mira Koor, attacked Tel Keppe and Alqosh and killed thousands of its inhabitants, kidnapped their women and children, and burned and destroyed what he can not take with him.


Everyone is paritcipated to write someting to this topic, but if you guys start swearing, or makin up any nonses or even denying things, you should not write!
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post 06/07/08 11:17 AM
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I just read that from another board/forum

The Ankawa.com reported about a big explosion in the town of Tell-Keppi a suburb of Nineveh about 8:15 p.m near the police department resulted in killing a minor child who happen to be in the area and three other Iraqi police officers, for more just click the following link.

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post 06/11/08 06:11 AM
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Hey Rumtaya, that link isn't working anymore. I guess I don't need to read it anymore since you explained what all of it was about.

If anyone has noticed, I was gone for a while. I kind of disappeared to Eastern Europe. It was fun.

But now I'm back. If no one noticed then...that's fine too.
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