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Aryan Economic Union (au)
Jaff Sassani
post 06/11/08 07:57 AM
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Conflict/Cultural/Country Interest: Plight of Sassanian people in Kurdistan region of Iraq and Iran

Why we need an Aryan Economic Union (AU) similar to the European Economic Union (EU)
Author : SKDC

Since the fall of the Sassanian Empire, the principal victims of genocide or attempted genocide by the Arab Imperialists and their agents, the Sayed families, have been the Aryan nations. These people were known as Ērānšahr, or speakers of the Aryan languages, during the Sassanid Empire era. They have since come to be known as Iranian people, although these people are not limited to modern day Iran. These atrocities have been committed against our people under the pretext of the Islamic doctrine.

The campaign has never stopped. It began first with the destruction of our religion, and then continued on with the destruction of our culture. The Arab Imperialists accomplished this by creating division among the Aryan nations using nationalistic ideologies. They have used Shitte and Sunni Islam to create further division. They accuse western countries, the USA, and Israel for our division while in reality these three forces did not exist in our homeland at all when the process began. For over one thousand years, before the emergence of these forces the process was started and has never stopped. They continue even now without any end in sight.

We believe the solution to our miserable and divided Aryan nations will come when we are united economically.

One of the most powerful nations today within the Aryan people is the Persian nation in Iran. The turmoil among its people started less than one century ago when The Pahlavī (in Persian: دودمان پهلوی) dynasty started. The Pahlavī dynasty began with the crowning of Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1925 and ended with the Iranian Islamic Revolution of 1979. The division started among the Iranian nations when the Pahlavī rulers used force to impose the Persian language alone on all the other Aryans in the region.

Suppose the Pahlavī dynasty were to come in and rebuild the modern Iranian nation. They started by imposing the Persian language and culture on the other Aryan nations. This policy made Iran very weak among the other nations in the region. The assimilation (Farsification or Annihilation) of other nations is wrong and it is what divided the Aryan peoples. The policy led to a failed state and allowed the emergence of the Islamic Republic of Iran under the leadership of the Shitte Sayed families of Arab origin.

The Islamic Republic of Iran came to build a Shitte state led by the Sayed families. They promised Aryan nations for over one thousand years to rebuild the country based on Islamic laws and justice for all the nations within Iran. But soon, they followed in the footsteps of the Pahlavī dynasty and began ignoring the needs of the other nationalities within Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is very weak now. The monopoly of power by the Sayed families and the assimilation policies in Iran are wrong again. The Persian nation should give up these failed policies and power mongering ways, in favor of rebuilding a modern country for all. In the past the idea of the Sassanian dynasty was workable for Aryan nations. Today the world has changed, so to rebuild the country we need to look at other nations experiences.

The Pahlavī dynasty borrowed the idea of nationalism from Europe at that time. They aimed to build one nation by the policy of assimilating other nations. This eventually turned out to be the wrong policy and not workable. The countries were divided, weak and vulnerable to civil war.

The European people got away from nationalistic ideas after World War II. They have built a European Union that works for every nation in Europe. The nations, for instance Czechoslovakia, divorced to build their own countries and then got united again under the European Union.

The Persian and other Aryan nations should look at the European nations again, but this time for a better idea. The ideas implemented by the Reza Shah Pahlavi came out to be the wrong idea. Now the people should use successful ideas instead of insisting on using failed idea. The Aryan nations should be free to form their own independent countries. The people will come together very fast to form an Aryan Economic Union similar to the European Economic Union.

The Aryan Union (AU), will save our people from the harmful policies of the Sayed families. It will bring the people peace and prosperity. We will be known as Aryan nations among the European nations, Chinese nation, Japanese nation and other nations in the world.

The Aryan Union (AU) can be achieved if we approach the only super power, the USA, and ask them for help. The US helped the people in Europe achieve their Union in the past. So, we the people should ask the USA and the European Union for help to build the Aryan Union in the Middle East.

The Aryan Union (AU) should be built based on friendship and cooperation with the USA, the European Union (EU), and Israel in the Middle East.

This is an idea diametrically opposed to the ideas of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran and the terrorist leader of Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden. Their plan of confrontation and destruction, of declaring war on the western people, has not brought peace and prosperity to our Aryan people in the world.

The opportunity is here for our Aryan people to get liberated from the Iranian Sayed families and their Arabic doctrine. They are no different from the other Arab tyrants in the history of our people. To balance the Arabs power and their imperialistic ambitions under Islamic pretext, we need to get united and form our own Aryan Union.

The use of the Islamic religion to take over other nations is an outdated idea now. We should give the people freedom of religion and freedom of thought. Allow them to decide what they want to worship. The use of force must be brought to an end.

The ideology of the Shitte Sayed families is bankrupt. They are no different from the Abbasid dynasty in the past. We, the people have waited for over one thousand years to bring the Sayed families (the descendent of the Ali ibn Abi Talib) to power. The Sayed Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s bovernment showed us what kind of the people they are when they have power. They are killers and destroyers like other Arab tyrants in the past. They turned out to be as bad as Dahag (Modern Iranian: Zahhāk).

The Shitte Sayed are not peaceful people. Our thoughts turned out to be wrong. We were taught for over one thousand years that Sayed Imams are full of kindness. We were taught that they were gentle. We were taught that they love people and all humanity. Now you see with your own eyes what kind of people they are.

The Government of Imam Sayed Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini proved to our people that there is no kindness in their hearts. They are killers who are full of hatred toward humanity in general and poor Aryan people in particular.

It would fill a hundred books to write about the carnage of their unjust rule in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon. Look at the statistics and see how many women and poor people they have killed so far. We see what kind of Sayed they are as they put thousands of people like Mr. Abbas Amirentezam in prison for life because of their political views.

The Sayed are in power now. They are not very kind people. When you test their unjust rule, you quickly see that they come out to be harsh and heartless, without mercy for any life or humanity.
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